Monday, October 12, 2009

GOD of WAR 2

Year: 2009
Genre: Adventure; Action
Developer: SCEA
Publisher: Europe: SCEE; Japan: SCEI; U.S.: SCEA
Platform: PC
Language: Russian (RUS), English (ENG)
Size : 8.45GB

System requirements:

• Processor: intel core 2 duo or athlon x2 3200 +
• RAM: 1 gb
• Video: direct x compatible video card is not lower than nvidia 6600 or ati x1300
• Hard Drive: 7 gb, dvd-rom
• Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
• Operating System: windows xp sp2/vista

Overthrowing the war god Ares and took his throne, Kratos has made his goal, but for such a daring deed had to pay a high price. The brave son of Sparta has inherited from the merciless god of not only the strength and power, but absorb all the cruelty and infinite wrath of the dark lord. Now Kratos unleashes himself on the land of ancient Greece unprecedented calamity and a curse, plunging the once beautiful world into chaos, against which pales machinations of the Ares.

While it is too late, the god of war and patron of Sparta intends to do something that is beyond any mere mortal, nor the inhabitants of Mount Olympus - change their own destiny. But to correct the mistake and get rid of a heavy burden may have only met face to face with the horrors of the past. Longtime enemies, the legions of dangerous creatures and sinister spirits of the Ancient World await the hero at every turn, forcing all the time to be alert. The bloody battle is about to begin, and the god of war, ready for it!

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